Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine

The Beehive

At a respectable 520 feet, The Beehive rises proudly above the terrain near Sand Beach on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island. As a matter of fact, when you arrive at the Sand Beach parking lot and look back towards the entrance, The Beehive is the dominant geological feature. Look closely and you will likely see people climbing it's face or even standing on its summit.

The Beehive Trail (as it is called) is rated as “Strenuous” and is approximately 0.8 miles/1.3 km long. Hiking is through woods to exposed cliffs. There are iron rungs on the ledges. For more information on other hiking trails select the link to the left or choose hiking trails.

The Beehive Trail entrance is located between the park entrance fee station on the Park Loop Road and Sand Beach, on the eastern shore of Mount Desert Island. (View the Acadia Map.)

If you enjoy short hikes and can handle walking along slopped granite, consider the Great Head Trail. Rated as “moderate” by the National Park Service, it provides spectacular views of The Beehive and Sand Beach. (Use caution!)

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The Beehive mountain near Sand Beach
The Beehive as viewed near Sand Beach

This shows The Beehive moutain as seen from the Great Head Trail near Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.
This view of The Beehive is from the Great Head Trail overlooking Sand Beach.

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